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Charlotte’s Web Hemp Flower


Charlotte’s Web Hemp Flower is a cultivar with less than 0.3% THC that has gained popularity as an option for treating seizures as well as a range of other medical conditions. This medical potency is due to its high-CBD content. It was specifically cultivated by Colorado breeders, The Stanley Brothers for a young epileptic patient named Charlotte.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Flower

You may or may not have heard of Charlotte’s Web, but this particular strain of marijuana was developed to help one very special little girl. Charlotte had been suffering seizures many times a day for her whole life. She tried all manner of synthetic drugs to treat her condition. Sadly none worked until her mother met the Stanley family. They developed this specific high CBD, low THC strain just for her.

As a result of her remarkable recovery, which you can see for yourself here, the Stanley brothers have made this product more widely available to other pediatric epilepsy patients, and today have over 180 success stories under their belt. This is a truly remarkable CBD strain with nothing recreational about it.


A variegated nose with hints of earthy, pine and citrus.


Contrary to popular belief, Charlotte’s Web is a hemp-derived product with little to no psychoactive effects. This makes it great for those who don’t want their medication to affect their daily tasks. Charlotte’s powerful web may cause dizziness for some patients, so new users should be cautious.


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